Beaulieu 4008 Battery Housing
A battery block mounted on the camera

Most of the original batteries in these cameras left are dead.

You may find the ready-made solutions expensive. If you are skilled in simple electrical work and soldering or DIY work, here is the alternative to the custom-made or new old stock original battery blocks.

The original battery block of 4008 series consists of 6 Ni-Cad button cells having 1.2V (total 7.2V), and 250mAh capacity each in a battery pack. In case of 2008 series, 4 Ni-Cad button cells having 1.2V (total 4.8V), and 250mAh capacity each in a battery pack.

You may choose classical Ni-Cad or newer technology NiMH chemistry for the battery pack. Ni-Cads are good for non-frequent use and as a cheaper alternative, where NiMHs are good for frequent use without any memory effect and higher capacities available in smaller sizes compared to Ni-Cads. Since these cameras don’t need higher currents, NiMH is a better choice. Well, higher capacities mean bigger battery sizes (think of the battery block housing of the camera), so its well enough to use 400 to 750mAh batteries, these should work well for regular shooting days. If you need more energy, it’d be better to use an external battery pack, because you gonna need more space laterally added to the battery block housing (may need an extra tube mounted on the camera assuming you have a battery block and disassembled the battery block already, or the diameter of the camera battery block and housing may be not enough for that battery pack, also it may be an ugly alternative cosmetically).

In any case, do not use any Li-Ion batteries! Lead Acid (Pb-Acid) batteries may be used safely.

The battery block housing has three contacts: ground (-), full battery voltage (+) and ½ (half) of full battery voltage (+).

Beaulieu battery contacts

The ½ voltage is needed for iris diaphragm (aperture override) micro motor for a full automatic exposure (S stands for Système sensitométrique in 2008 and 4008) of REGLOMATIC system lenses via the proper lens mount contacts (REGLOMATIC is a Beaulieu patent for automatic diaphragm system).

There is no need for the ½ voltage for non-REGLOMATIC system lenses, but it’s possible to use them semi-automatically (manual) thanks to camera’s internal exposure metering system.

Beaulieu 4008 ZM electro block
Beaulieu 4008 ZM electrical block diagrams

The full battery voltage is needed for camera drive motor, internal exposure measurement system, and electric zoom servo motor (ZM in 4008 series only, they have also iris diaphragm motor, of course.) of REGLOMATIC system lenses via the proper lens mount contacts.

Beaulieu REGLO contacts
Beaulieu 4008 ZM

Let’s know the battery housing and cover depth:

Beaulieu 4008 ZM battery housing
Beaulieu 4008 ZM (Threading M42X0,75)
Beaulieu S 2008 battery cover
Beaulieu S 2008 battery cover
Beaulieu 4008 ZM battery cover
Beaulieu 4008 ZM battery cover

What if you don’t have the cover?:

Commercially available M42X0.75 plastic cover

If you would have longer-sized battery configuration, commercially available extension tubes may help (M42X0.75).

The inside surfaces of the genuine Beaulieu covers are dielectric!

Let’s know the battery dimensions (for illustration purposes):

B Dms

3.2V (3 x 1.2V each, for 4008 2 packs needed), or 2.4V (2 x 1,2V each, for 2008 2 packs needed) cordless phone battery packs with red (+) and black (-) color wiring (ready-made and simple to connect several packs)

BP Dms
The battery dimensions for packs are given as LxWxH aka L*W*H. 3.6V (3 x 1.2V) 2/3AA size is seen here.
Batt variations
Various rechargeable button (coin) cells and batteries

Let’s find the correct size, if you want to keep the original spacing:

Single rechargeable batteries such as 6 pcs. of GP-25AAH 1.2V 250mAh NiMH cylinder cells (14.5 x 16.6mm each) will perfectly fit with the cover threaded, or button cell sizes may be tried as well (may be difficult to make a pack, needs special battery welding, or a quick soldering with low temperature usually, 8W USB powered soldering irons available for this purpose), and knowledge to connect the correct polarities, so a battery specialist may be needed – NEVER use excessive heat soldering!).

Temperature-controlled 8W USB soldering iron (5VDC)


Beaulieu 4008 ZM with GP-25AAH

Female spade connector with Heat shrink tube
Heat shrink tube and small female spade connector

Use proper size female spade connectors and different color wires (not seen) with heat shrink tubes wrapped for the camera battery contacts (3 pcs. each). So you can switch the multiple battery packs.

Let’s learn how to connect the polarities properly (for illustration purposes):

Beaulieu 4008 battery polarities
Beaulieu 4008 battery polarities – Batteries seen here are sparsely placed for easy recognition.

My recommendation:

Beaulieu 4008 ZM battery connections (mine)
You can use wires, and sheaths or shrink tubes with different colors in order not to be confused.
GP25AAH self tabbed
An alternative
Beaulieu 4008 battery shell contacts
Beaulieu 4008 battery shell contacts

For 2008 series, use 4 single batteries instead of 6.

Connecting the battery packs with wires is easy, so no need to explain here.

Let’s learn about the battery chargers:

The originals – Charging is possible via camera and for Ni-Cad batteries only.

The genuine charger rated at 30mA is for genuine 250mAh Ni-Cad batteries, because generally about the 1/10 charging rate is used for those Ni-Cads. Also, the charger output voltage must be more than 7.2V (4008 series) or 4.8V (2008 series) battery voltage, so a 12V charger is supplied.

Always use a proper charger or mode for correct battery chemistry (Ni-Cad, NiMH, etc.), as well as having the max. current (generally mA is given) that isn’t less than the battery capacity (mAh or Ah). The batteries will get the proper current they needed. Trickle charging is a highly recommended method for longer life of batteries.

Beaulieu charger plug polarities

Pay attention to the plug polarities of a third-party charger, if it has no short-circuit protection, otherwise the internal resistor may damage despite that resistor is highly resistant to short-circuit.

The power adapters may be used for charging purposes, although it’s not recommended.

Also, before charging do not place the three-position power supply handgrip switch in the red dotted rearmost position!

Beaulieu grip
Three-position power supply handgrip switch in shoot ready position

When a replacement eye cup is also needed, Nikon Eye Cup DK-19 fits perfectly. There are two types:

Nikon Eye Cup DK-19 eyeglasses
For eyeglasses
Nikon Eye Cup DK-19 naked eye
For naked eye